A language for programming recursive circuits

1. Quick start
1. Quick start

Install Go

Ko requires the Go compiler toolchain. Start by installing Go and configuring your GOPATH environment .

Ko reuses your Go source repo (located at $GOPATH/src ) as your Ko repo.

Install Ko

Install the Ko compiler. If you are installing from the public github repo, you can accomplish this with one command:

go get github.com/kocircuit/kocircuit/lang/ko

If you are a contributor:

cd $GOPATH/src
mkdir -p github.com/kocircuit
cd github.com/kocircuit
git clone https://github.com/kocircuit/kocircuit
go install github.com/kocircuit/kocircuit/lang/ko

Run “Hello, world!”

Run the basic “Hello world!” application to make sure everything is working:

ko play github.com/kocircuit/kocircuit/codelab/HelloWorld

In general, the command ko play <PkgPath>/<FuncName> will execute any Ko function in your repo.


Find short codelabs in github.com/kocircuit/kocircuit/codelab that demonstrate various use cases and techniques.

Aljabr Ko compiler and codelabs

If you are looking for codelabs that involve controlling real-world technologies, like Twitter or Telegram for instance, consider installing the Aljabr Ko compiler which links drivers for various (currently few) Internet technologies into the compiler. To get the Aljabr compiler and codelabs, go to https://github.com/aljabrio/aljabrio .