A language for programming recursive circuits

2. Language
2.4. Macros
2.4.4. Macros for debugging and profiling
2.4.4. Macros for debugging and profiling

Show and Peek

As transformations, Show and Peek behave like the join macro : they return their arguments unchanged. Additionally, Show prints out the value of its arguments, while Peek prints out its current stack and the value of its arguments.

For instace

Show(num: 1, text: "abc")   // returns (num: 1, text: "abc") and prints the same
Show(1, 2, 3) // returns (1, 2, 3) and prints the same

ShowType and PeekType

ShowType and PeekType behave analogously to Show and Peek with the difference that they print out the types their values (rather than the values themselves).


Bug prints out its arguments and then immediately kills the ongoing execution reporting with an error state.


Profile recognizes a moandic (unnamed) argument of type variety. It executes this variety, returning whatever it returns, while also printing its stack trace and the execution duration on the console.

The following sample shows a printout from Profile , while building this website.

[0] span:1duizes, github.com/kocircuit/kocircuit/kocircuit_io/build.ko:12:10, BuildLocallySkipResourcesThenServe:return
[1] span:390eu42, github.com/kocircuit/kocircuit/kocircuit_io/build.ko:18:10, BuildLocallyThenServe:8
[2] span:12wb43w, github.com/kocircuit/kocircuit/kocircuit_io/build.ko:47:3, Build:17
[3] span:8ng9ahj, github.com/kocircuit/kocircuit/kocircuit_io/build.ko:68:14, buildSite:4
[4] span:3gb7pha, github.com/kocircuit/kocircuit/kocircuit_io/wiki/build.ko:5:10, Build:return
[5] span:6hhxbp4, github.com/kocircuit/kocircuit/lib/web/wiki/build.ko:52:22, Build:syncedChapterFiles
[6] span:1e86oa5, github.com/kocircuit/kocircuit/lib/web/wiki/build.ko:73:9, syncChapterFiles:8
[7] span:390sl5y, github.com/kocircuit/kocircuit/lib/web/wiki/build.ko:73:9, Profile
(span:390sl5y, ko/lang/go/eval/symbol/invoke.go:9, github.com/kocircuit/kocircuit/lib/web/wiki/build.ko:73:9) 0.881s